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Where To Buy It

A lot of people ask this question and it’s really not hard.  I put sources on every item I know the source of.  

  1. Click the little number at the bottom of the post next to the heart.
  2. That should take you to the full sized post.  Once you are there click on the full sized picture.
  3. Arrive at the place this image was collected from.  This is usually a store where it can be purchased.  If it isn’t, it’s likely the item was never available for general purchase or has not been in stores for a long time.

Some of the content on this blog is from old collections and is no longer available for purchase from the original designer.  In that case your best bet is to go to the source page and check Ebay or places like ebay for that item, using the designers name and the date of the collection as a search term of a simple description of the item and the source store.

Some of the items are also custom pieces or homemade works in which case I link to the artisans page (or the page where I found the content) in these cases you can email the creator to find out if they will give you instructions on how to make your own, or if they’d be willing to make one for you (for a price of course)