Things Miss Frizzle Would Wear

Life, Science, and What Miss Frizzle Wore


    • Q. Where is X from?
    • A. Normally it’s a click through link on the image or a source near the tags.
    • Q. Who runs this blog?
    • A. Madeira Darling, a writer originally from new york city.
    • Q. Are you in any way affiliated with scholastic books?
    • A. No.
    • Q: Can I buy you a present?
    • A:  Yes my amazon wishlist is here My Wishlist
    • Q: Do you have a political agenda?
    • A: Yes!  Though I try not to talk about it much on this blog, I try to make sure to feature POCs, fat people, queers of all stripes, femmes, aces, and other marginalized groups.  I’m a genderfluid feminine oriented femme kinkster.  I also try to make sure there’s no racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or ableism on this blog.
    • Q: Why are you sometimes inaccurate?  (Or these antibodies don’t look like antibodies!)
    • A: I am not a scientist of any sort, I am not a biologist.  Occasionally I am guilty of taking a designers title for a piece at face value and being less than accurate.  For this I apologize.